Baby-boomer building owners: retirement looms without succession

It’s 2020, and more and more Baby Boomers who own buildings are fast approaching retirement. This generation of investors has invested a significant part of their lives, a great deal of time and considerable sums of money in their buildings. Today, these building owners are dreaming of passing on the torch and retiring with peace of mind. But there’s a catch: not all these Baby Boomers who own buildings are lucky enough to have a successor ready to take over and look after their properties.

When there’s no one to pick up the slack

In fact, these baby-boomers want to move on to another stage in their lives. They want their children to continue looking after their buildings. In reality, however, when these building owners retire, it doesn’t happen very often. There are many reasons for this. Either because they don’t have children, or the children live too far away from the buildings, or they’re already very busy in their own lives, or simply because of a lack of interest in real estate. Baby boomers who own buildings must therefore consider selling their properties as an alternative solution, and this is not always an easy decision.

This situation is becoming increasingly common, according to Jean-Guy Ayotte and Michel Limoges, associate chartered real estate brokers specializing in commercial, industrial and multi-residential (apartment blocks) real estate.

A rather tricky situation. Some of these Baby Boomers will want to keep their building for the good times, but in the majority of cases, the stress of unstable tenants and the list of repairs and maintenance to be carried out are often aspects they don’t want to have to deal with any more. Indeed, when retirement arrives for our Baby Boomers who own buildings, peace of mind weighs far more heavily than the headaches of maintaining a real estate income. So they decide to sell. So how do they go about it? Who can they turn to? Who can they trust? Should they sell in whole or in part, and what about the tax implications?

How can we dispose of our buildings while maximizing retirement benefits?

The best decision you can make is to entrust your file to competent real estate experts. These people will offer you a turnkey solution, supporting you every step of the way. A team like that of Jean-Guy Ayotte and Michel Limoges, seasoned brokers with nearly 100 years’ experience under the Royal Lepage banner, can provide you with all the resources you need to face this often difficult stage as owners of buildings with no succession. By turning to an experienced and competent team, Baby-boomer building owners who wish to sell their properties can be sure of putting all the chances on their side, in order to obtain the best prices, the best conditions, and the best buyers for their properties.

baby-boomers building owners

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An aging population and building owners

In fact, there are fewer young people in today’s society, and Baby Boomers who own buildings and have no one to take over from them often choose to sell while they’re still alive. As a result, there will be more and more properties for sale over the years, and the seller’s market we know today will become a more balanced one. This aging clientele of building owners is growing in number. The Jean-Guy Ayotte team will offer you sound advice at every level. At some point, you’ll need to consider the disposition of your assets. Since large sums of money are involved, it’s important to choose the right professionals to guide you through the process of selling your properties. You also need to ensure that buyers have the financial resources to make the purchase.

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